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Dental Implants

With a metal-ceramic crown

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Dental implants

Dental implant placement with a non-metal ceramic zirconium crown

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Allfit dental KOS dental implant system is a one-phase process with an apical plug for compression and a flat, flexible and bent hard abutment. Simple for placement and adjustable to diverse crowns, dental bridges and bar connections.

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BCS is a one-phase process for dental implementation. It poses an ideal implementation system for an immediately loaded and cortically supported restorative design.

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Hexacone is a two-phase dental implementation system. Hexagone system implement surface is treated with high-temperature acids and is sandblasted and osmoactive packaged.

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Allfit S (SSO, STO, STV) dental implant system is a one-phase dental implant system completely compatible with Straumann Dental Implant System.

Clients’ Impressions

My fear from needles and aches really made me procrastinate when it comes to making a dentist appointment. To be honest, even though the whole professional team ensured that the surgery was not that painful, I didn’t trust them that much. Now that everything is over I can honestly say that there is such a thing as a painless surgery and that my way to a perfect smile did not hurt that much. IHDEDENTAL was my choice as it offers Swiss quality at an affordable price.

Semsedin Hadžić (Vienna)

I can’t really say that I took care of my oral hygiene when I was young. Which was the reason I was left without a few teeth when I was pushing 30s while the other ones had fillings and crowns. With time passing by, you truly realize how a genuine smile attracts confidence. IHDEDENTAL, thank you so much for my high level of self-assertiveness!

Gorana Mihić (Belgrade)

It is on an everyday basis that I interact with people. In addition to working as a professor, I can say that I’m quite a social butterfly. My work and my social traits kinda request a lot of talking. Due to the problems I’ve occurred with partial braces my day to day activities were quite arduous. I made a few calls and went to many dentists and it all boiled down to the same short term solutions. I found my smile with IHDEDENTAL.

Firuca Blaž (Pančevo)

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IHDEDENTAL Serbia is an exclusive distributor of a wide range of materials, antibacterial products and dental implants of a Swiss IHDEDENTAL for the market of The Republic of Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and North Macedonia.

Zubni implanti, Dental implants | Home

Kompanija Ihdedental Serbia je ekskluzivni distributer široke palete potrošnog materijala, sredstava za dezinfekciju i zubnih implantata švajcarskog proizvođača Ihdedental za tržište Republike Srbije, Bosne i Makedonije

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