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Dental Implants

With a metal-ceramic crown

390 €

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Dental implants

Dental implant placement with a non-metal ceramic zirconium crown

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Allfit dental KOS dental implant system is a one-phase process with an apical plug for compression and a flat, flexible and bent hard abutment. Simple for placement and adjustable to diverse crowns, dental bridges and bar connections.

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BCS is a one-phase process for dental implementation. It poses an ideal implementation system for an immediately loaded and cortically supported restorative design.

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Hexacone is a two-phase dental implementation system. Hexagone system implement surface is treated with high-temperature acids and is sandblasted and osmoactive packaged.

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Allfit S (SSO, STO, STV) dental implant system is a one-phase dental implant system completely compatible with Straumann Dental Implant System.

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TPG® uno implants with small head provide a sharp and cutting central thread part, which engages with the corticals of the extraction sockets. 

Clients’ Impressions

My fear from needles and aches really made me procrastinate when it comes to making a dentist appointment. To be honest, even though the whole professional team ensured that the surgery was not that painful, I didn’t trust them that much. Now that everything is over I can honestly say that there is such a thing as a painless surgery and that my way to a perfect smile did not hurt that much. IHDEDENTAL was my choice as it offers Swiss quality at an affordable price.

Semsedin Hadžić (Vienna)

I can’t really say that I took care of my oral hygiene when I was young. Which was the reason I was left without a few teeth when I was pushing 30s while the other ones had fillings and crowns. With time passing by, you truly realize how a genuine smile attracts confidence. IHDEDENTAL, thank you so much for my high level of self-assertiveness!

Gorana Mihić (Belgrade)

It is on an everyday basis that I interact with people. In addition to working as a professor, I can say that I’m quite a social butterfly. My work and my social traits kinda request a lot of talking. Due to the problems I’ve occurred with partial braces my day to day activities were quite arduous. I made a few calls and went to many dentists and it all boiled down to the same short term solutions. I found my smile with IHDEDENTAL.

Firuca Blaž (Pančevo)

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IHDEDENTAL Serbia is an exclusive distributor of a wide range of materials, antibacterial products and dental implants of a Swiss IHDEDENTAL for the market of The Republic of Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and North Macedonia.

Dental implant, Dental implants | Home

Kompanija Ihdedental Serbia je ekskluzivni distributer široke palete potrošnog materijala, sredstava za dezinfekciju i zubnih implantata švajcarskog proizvođača Ihdedental za tržište Republike Srbije, Bosne i Makedonije

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